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Litigation – Specialists in Litigation

helping to resolve a wide range of disputes
We recognise that any kind of personal legal dispute has the potential to be costly and very stressful for you. We therefore advise you on the most cost effective remedy, whilst at the same time advising you of the alternatives that are available to you.

We are able to assist with a wide range of disputes such as contract disputes, property and boundary disputes and product liability. See our Litigation page for a full list.
We act for both commercial and private clients and are able to tailor our legal assistance to the specific needs of our clients.
It is important that you receive advice early in a dispute because this can lead to substantial cost savings and increases the chances of a quick resolution. This also allows us to explore the potential benefits of ‘alternative dispute resolution’ (ADR), as an alternative to formal court action. It may also be used in tandem with formal action to further increase the prospects of a satisfactory outcome.

We have also developed a cost effective system for assisting clients with small claims matters by consultancy basis, rather than entering on a formal court record. In this way we are able to assist with the elements of the dispute which require legal input, whilst allowing our clients to deal with the more straight forward case management aspects. As legal costs are not recoverable in small claims matters, this allows us to keep the costs to a minimum, whilst increasing our client’s prospects of success by ensuring that they have legal input at the most important stages of the court process.
See our Litigation page.

Conveyancing – Specialists in Conveyancing

stress free conveyancing
You want a conveyancing system that is quick and good value whilst being thorough and reliable. At JH Gabb we  understand the stresses and strains of buying and selling property and so every effort is made to keep you up to date with progress and to ensure that every transaction proceeds quickly and thoroughly through to completion.

As with all things legal, experience counts in ensuring that your conveyancing goes through not just smoothly but also thoroughly to protect your interests. You want to be sure that your sale is compliant and as secure as possible. We employ a Case Management System to track the process and to help us include all the little but extremely significant details.

We help to take the stress out of moving house by providing you with a bespoke, personal conveyancing service, tailored to suit your needs and your budget.
Se our Conveyancing page.

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